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Viv in composure with Dylan trying to sneak off
Motherhood is an incredibly challenging and also deeply rewarding time.

Mother & Baby Yoga gives you the time and energy to meet some of your own, often neglected needs in a warm and supportive environment.

The body undergoes huge change during pregnancy and childbirth. Postnatal yoga focuses on bringing structural integrity back to your body, helping to realign the spine and pelvis. Common problems such as back pain are relieved, and you will also learn breath awareness and relaxation techniques, which help to increase energy levels.

Dog pose with a very inquisitive little one
All of the postures can be practiced with or without your baby, depending on how you prefer to focus. At any one time babies may be watching, joining in, sleeping or feeding.

Yoga provides a wonderful resource for you and your baby that allows you to deal positively with stress, and encourage mindful relaxation in your role as a mother.

Yoga gives you a wonderful opportunity to bond with your baby
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