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Honor Stratton

I started practising yoga while living in Sri Lanka in 1997. In 2001 I completed a 2 year yoga teaching diploma, passing with distinction. Since then I've taught yoga in both New Zealand and the UK with a special interest in teaching pre/postnatal and children.

Practising with Milo
When my daughter Minnie was born, I became interested in finding ways to continue my practice along with being a mum. I went on a Mother & Baby yoga retreat in Spain, and have never looked back. Minnie is now 3 years old and loves yoga - giggling in dog pose and singing yoga rhymes to her 10 month old brother, showing him the actions.

Minnie (age 2) in Baddha Konasana

Motherhood is amazing - it can also be consuming. As a yoga instructor and mother I have experienced the benefits of yoga personally and also through my classes. Mother & Baby yoga allows us to bond with our babies while introducing a path of well-being that can continue throughout their life.

Vicki Soper

Vicki demonstrating Marichyasana - the sage's pose
I started practicing Yoga two decades ago in the Byron Bay area in Australia. I have a Yoga Alliance qualification, and have been teaching now for sixteen years. After focusing mainly on teaching Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, I developed a strong interest in pregnancy yoga after the birth of my first son, Reuben. This was followed by hatha flow, and now Mother and Baby Yoga.

When they were small, finding ways of including my sons in my yoga practise was such a pleasure. It was a fun way to connect physically, strengthen our bonding, as well as being healthy for our bodies.

I find it extremely rewarding meeting and teaching mums during their pregnancy, then reconnecting with those who come to class with their babies. It is a joy to share the journey from pregnancy through to the first year of a baby's life!